3 kick-ass 360 videos pushing the boundaries of storytelling

We are witnessing a tremendous growth of 360° video technology these days. Up until now, Vimeo was the first platform to offer a response to this strong demand by launching Vimeo’s 360 - a place where creators can showcase their work at the best quality possible. But even more important, creators can monetise on their work by Vimeo's 360°/VR Marketplace. At their press information shared on NoFilmSchool they explain the purpose behind the new Vimeo 360:

360° and VR video could be seen as simply a passing trend, but Vimeo envisions an explosive space for creatives to explore new avenues of expression and, ultimately, a way to make money. As a platform that has always set a high bar for video quality, Vimeo's approach to 360° video and VR is no different. With the recent release of Vimeo 360, the company has put together the world's first platform for creators to truly cut their teeth in the rapidly-evolving world of this burgeoning visual medium.”

This week we are here to select the latest and most amazing 360 videos, powered by Vimeo and hand picked by the Videonauts. For best experience see list of browsers that support 360 video here.

Hawaii - The Pace of Formation 360°

Fossil Hunters of the Gobi - Shelf Life 360360

Take Every Wave: Laird in VR360