Go and meet another startup. Now!

Startup Forum Ibc 2017

Being part of the creative industry, we also would like to share our personal perspective of the Startup Forum 2017 Amsterdam. Besides of being busy filming, making interviews and networking, we managed to sit down and think what are the greatest benefits of attending startup forums like this one.

 Why meeting other startups is important?


If you are a growing company and consider visiting an event of this kind, don’t think twice. Here we sum up our personal reasons why every start up should go at least once per year:


  • Learn how to listen: Startup meetings of this scale represent a real life opportunity to train yourself in pitching, networking, and amongst many other things, to master the art of listening. Events got so many good ideas hanging in the air, and if you are skilful enough and know how to listen carefully and receive feedback, that can help your business flourish.

  • Meet and match: Conferences are mostly about networking. And the more conscious the meetings go, the better partnership opportunities arise. Startup Forum 2017 had a dedicated matchmaking tool that scheduled the meetings in advance - a fast turn of 20 min speed meetups. We found that extremely useful, because we met some truly exciting businesses - both startups and worlds leading enterprises.

  • Find investors:  last but not least, startup forums give you the chance to meet the big guys from your industry. In our case these were media broadcasters, publishers, digital players, and all companies that use digital tools to reach their audience from once side, and investors, venture capitalists who are looking to network, make connections and invest into media tech, from another.


These are our top 3 reasons why going on startup events. What are yours? Share in the comments. And stay tuned for more news from the Startup Forum - our personal highlights from the keynotes and speakers!