Startup forum 2017: summing up a summit

Veni, vidi, video: the IBC Startup conference aftermovie

What did you do over the weekend? We went to Amsterdam, met the brightest minds of the startup crowd, filmed the event aftermovie, attended 20+ speed match meetups and went back home. Stuff like that, not mentioning coffee shops and craft beer. 

As we previously told you, The Videonauts got selected special video partner of the Startup Forum Amsterdam 2017. In this regard we spent a couple of days in the most fruitful business environment of Europe, that also makes one of the funniest European capitals too, meeting fellow startups from all over the world, along with leading publishers and investors in media and entertainment industry. The idea of the event was, apart from being a matchmaking tool between startups and enterprises, to enable growing companies to participate in pitching competitions and network. 

Over 75 startups and growing businesses from 22 countries have been pre-selected across areas including VR/AR, payments, marketing, streaming video and publishing. Only five of them got shortlisted to pitch their business ideas to industry experts and could receive feedback from them and on the last round. The winning company JukeDeck received the honour, and of course, a cash prize. Jukedeck is a Brit based AI startup building machine learning technology that can compose and adapt professional-quality music, giving people and companies personalised music for their videos, amongst other needs. Imagine AI composing the music for your next brand video. Some pretty cool stuff happening out there!

Besides of being busy filming, making interviews and networking, we managed to take some prompt notes on the most exciting stuff that happened during Startup Forum 2017. Make sure you come back soon to check it out. 

Last but not least, we want to express the greatest of gratitude to Beardfrost Productions for filming with us and to Media Honeypot who organized the event and got us involved.