Sometimes words are useless. Other times words just ain’t enough. Either ways, when it comes to using motion picture, we communicate so much through visuals, sound and pacing. There is a rule in cinema that if you can show it on screen, there is absolutely no need of saying it. This is what good advertising does - it follows the lessons from the big masters of cinema.


This week we’ve handpicked 3 commercials that say more by saying less. They deliver the message by using no or minimal dialogue, counting on other mediums to ignite emotion.



This Japanese commercial uses a sparklingly original creative concept and skilful editing to compress the ordinary life of a woman in 72 sec. The average female life worldwide lasts nearly 72 years. So Glico, the Japanese confectionery company, imagines what would it look like when compressed into 72 seconds. Using 72 actresses to portray a single woman over the course of a life, combined with theatrical scenography and a lot of packshots and eating their snacks, of course.


Don’t You | Neighborhood of Good | State Farm® Commercial

When your traditional channels run off, rewrite or remix an old song. It works almost always. This campaign works on music, combined with a strong message: During the holidays, the best gift you can give is your time. But when the season of giving ends, the need remains.

Track: “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Willis Earl Beal


Cadbury - Mum's Birthday TV Advert - 2018 (60 secs)

Truly exemplify film saying more with image than with words. This heartbreaking commercial tells the story of a little girl and her mommy on her birthday.  It could have been even better if it remained without any dialogue at all, if you ask us.

Just watch it.