Ground control: Top 3 from the editors

A fast and furious selection of some must-see short films, clips, music
videos, commercials or animation. For starters, it’s our guy Evgeni Mitov
on the mix.

1. The Old Man and the Sea by Alexander Petrov

An award winning animation and one of the best animated short films
ever, in my view. The most interesting about it is the pre-process,
because Petrov did everything himself - from script to direction and
animation. He was looking for funding for over 2 years when finally
some Asian producer decided to invest. The most expensive thing is the
technique of painting under the camera, so they’ve created a special
shooting system tool that captures the scenes with a multilayered

2. MTV Adrenaline Rush “Bike”

Amazing mix of animation, character design, colour design and
direction. My favorite MTV bumper and one of my favorite animations.

3. Specsavers “Sauna” advert

This add was made in the distant 2011. The story is created by absolute
professionals having a hilarious turnover. A symphony for the eyes!