5 students commercials that made it to the top

This week we decided to check out which are the best and most creative film schools in Europe, according to the Students films that made it to the final of 2017 Clio Awards. These 5 commercials are representing our personal selection of favs amongst all the submissions.

Sit back comfortably and see what the kids have done meanwhile.

1. Volvo - ABC of Death

Filmacademy BW

Director: Dorian & Daniel
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
DoP: Jan David Günther
Producer:   Celina Finger, Madlen Folk
Production Design: Mona Otterbach
Editor:    Raquel Caro Nunez
Music:    Yessian Music GmbH
Composer:   Ralf Denker, Ingmar Rehberg
Sounddesign:   Marvin Keil
Idea: Dorian & Daniel
Idea dove scene:  Andre Price

2. Stella Artois - Hans in luck

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Director: Gabriel Borgetto
Producer: Nathalie Kraft
Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Co-Production: Black Pearl Film GmbH
Created by: Gabriel Borgetto & Nathalie Kraft


3. Project Gram Gram

Brigham Young University Adlab

Director: Mike Henderson

Editor: David Pierce

Copywriter: Brad Hill, Stew Tribe

4. Newcastle Brown Ale - Smudge

University of Television and Film Munich

Director: Benjamin Pfohl
Concept & Text: Benjamin Pfohl
Production: Garstig & Solide
Executive Producer: Steffen Rodewoldt
Production Managers: Alex Moore, Antony Morris
DOP: Tim Kuhn
Gaffer: Yinka Edward, Dan Tunstall
Production Design: Natalie Hierons, Emily Branigan
Costume Design: Natalie Hierons
Hair & Make-up: Molly Knapman
Editor: Jakub Rzucidlo
Sounddesign: Gerhard Auer
Music & Soundmixing: Dario Albiez
Visual Effects: Felix Comploi


5. Guinness - Roll the Old Chariot

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH

Director: Ben Miethke
DOP: Maximilian Pittner
Sound design: Jan Brett
Music: David Coffin
Editor: Christian Zimmermann
Visual Artist: Tim Scheidig
Art director: Zelda Lagies
Producer: Marvin Marte
Production Manager: Estella Suplit
Title Design: Tim Völkner