Video of the month: Hyper-Reality

This hyperreal short film explores the social consequences of new media and augmented reality


Hyper-Reality is a brilliant short film that presents a provocative and kaleidoscopic new vision of the future, where physical and virtual realities have merged.

Located in a city saturated in media, Juliana, a woman of the near future, is navigating through a VR world. Her life is happening inside a VR app on the border between physical and virtual, and every single action of her is dedicated to getting more points.

Juliana is starting to question the very sense of her existence. Who am I? Where am I going to? Hoping the VR application will be able to answer these questions, she is wandering in an environment so visually contaminated by brands and media messages, that one cannot hear their own voice.  

The film is done by designer and film-maker Keiichi Matsuda. His research examines the implications of emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment. Keiichi is interested in the dissolving boundaries between virtual and physical, working with video, architecture and interactive media to propose new perspectives on the city.

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