The Year’s Review is still running, collecting some of the topmost stuff all over the world. This time we are offering a fine selection of the funniest 2017 commercials you might have missed. Humour has always been one of the best and most engaging storytelling tools, and luckily, last year we had the chance to enjoy some bright examples.

Norwegian Air – Just Like the Movies

Is visiting the United States all that Hollywood makes it out to be? One airline goes behind the scenes to find out.

Country: Norway

Agency: TRY


Friends of Canadian Films - Spaceship at the Border

In Canada 90% of box office belongs to US films, the spots says. Aliens at the border in support of Canadian films.

Country: Canada

Agency: Brad

Epica Award: Gold, Media

Snickers – Recovery Room

Having to take a personal call during work can be awkward, but rarely this awkward.

Country: U.S.

Agency: BBDO New York

Epica Award: Gold, Confectionery & Snacks